Stop worrying,
start living

What’s the difference between worry and anxiety? How can I best parent my anxious child? How do I date after a divorce? Does my child have OCD? Are your thoughts intrusive?

If you’re asking these types of questions, you’re not alone. Welcome.

My specialties and expertise are focused on treating adults who have anxiety disorders or obsessive compulsive spectrum disorders, are going through life transitions (like life after divorce), or who would like help with their parenting skills.

I prefer the down-to-earth approach, so I translate the evidence-based research and give you useable solutions. I listen to your needs and then together we develop a plan that feels doable and that includes milestones to note improvement. Believe it or not, therapy shouldn’t be boring or stodgy, and it shouldn’t last forever.

Conversations with Joanna

Prepare for ERP in 3 Small Steps

Even when you want to change, the thought of it can be scary. It is for just about all of us, but for those with obsessive compulsive disorder, scary doesn’t begin to describe it. Changing your behaviors is a process, which is a good thing to remember. Knowing it’s not all at once might help…

A 5-Step Process for Staying Sane in Uncertain Times

January and February are such strange months this year. There’s this weird juxtaposition between “new year, new possibilities” and the pandemic’s inherent uncertainty. You have the uncertainty of vaccines, school (in, out, in, out), and hanging out in-person combined with the normal new-year messages. My inbox is filled with promises of a new body, new…

5 Ways to Change Your Relationship with Anxiety

Anxiety is a funny thing. When I tell people my specialty is anxiety disorder treatment, they often reply with, “oh yeah, I have anxiety” or “my __________ has anxiety.” It’s funny, because they’re referring to it as if it isn’t a basic emotion. No one would say, “oh yeah, I have happiness.” They’d say, “I…

What Is Exposure and Response Prevention?

ERP stands for Exposure and Response (or Ritual) Prevention. For those with obsessive compulsive disorder (OCD), ERP along with medication, lifestyle changes and other factors, can give them back their lives.

What Is OCD?

I hear this all the time: “I’m so OCD, because……..” I have to then take some deep breaths. As a therapist whose practice is focused on helping those with this mental illness, hearing OCD used as an adjective makes me want to scream. It also makes me realize just how misunderstood it is. Before I…

5 Ways to Put the Kibosh on Imposter Syndrome

I was recently a guest on The Coach’s Podcast, and I was asked if I ever felt doubt in my abilities. Ah, yeah. All the time. It’s called imposter syndrome (or, as psychologists call it, imposter phenomenon).It’s not about what’s real. It’s about how we feel about ourselves. About 70% of people feel imposter syndrome…