Holiday Survival for the Newly Divorced: Bonus Tip

I recently wrote an article for Northeast Ohio Parent with 8 tips on how to survive the holidays post-divorce. Here’s your bonus tip: stay off social media.

Remember my digital detox? When we’re trying to keep ourselves centered, seeing everyone’s seemingly perfect holiday posts might not be the most helpful activity for us.

The most important thing to remember is that the holidays don’t last forever. When we stay in the moment and try to enjoy what’s right in front of us, we do better. That’s true for all of us! Focus on what is rather than on what isn’t. And then when the holidays are over, give yourself some time to decompress.

If you need more than simple tips and tricks, seeking professional help is never a bad idea — especially if you already experience high anxiety and/or panic. I’ve helped many men, women and children walk through their personal situations, and I can help you too. Contact me to discuss!