Healing from Infidelity: Part Two

Last Monday, we introduced the first phase of Ester Perel’s Healing from Infidelity, called the Crisis Phase.

Today, we’re going to learn about phase two, which is called the Making Meaning Phase. This phase happens whenever we’re able to see through our emotions. There’s no timeline for this, so please don’t hurry yourself. It’ll happen naturally, and only through time. Once the passage of time dials back the emotional volume, we’re better able to look at the facts and start understanding what the affair meant for the person having it and the consequences for the person on the other end. Hopefully we get a clearer picture of the overall situation. In order to move forward, either together or apart, at some point, it’s important to widen our lens and gain this perspective. Keep in mind this process isn’t about assigning blame. It’s about understanding and giving you a perspective that may relieve some frustration and prepare you to make healthy decisions about the relationship moving forward.

Come back next Monday to find out more about the third and final phase. As always, remember that I’m here to discuss your personal situation.

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