What is coaching?

Coaching is ideal for someone who’s functioning well overall but either feels stuck in some aspect of their life and/or is at a crossroads and ready for change.

Let’s face it, we all get stuck sometime and need help getting out of our own way. Whether the hole is deep or shallow, learning how to drop the shovel and get unstuck is a valuable skill. Having both the therapy and coaching lenses gives me the expertise and skill set with which to approach and collaborate with clients.

As a Gestalt-certified coach, I work with you to become aware of your current situation. Before we can move forward, we have to know where you are. Once you have a better understanding of what’s keeping you stuck and/or holding you back, we can talk about how to move forward in a different way.

Coaching isn’t therapy. Coaching does not diagnose or treat mental illness, and it is primarily future focused. I can help you determine if you’re better served by coaching or therapy.

Joanna Hardis Gestalt Certified Coach

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Situations Where Coaching Can Be Beneficial

There are others, but these examples will give you an idea of when when coaching can help.

When your thinking is working against you instead of for you:

  • The person who just got promoted but feels “in over their head” and an imposter
  • Mid-career person who feels like they’ve lost their mojo
  • When you want to start a new venture (business, social, habit, doesn’t matter what)

When you’re in the midst, or embarking, on change:

  • New mom who has returned to work and is trying to figure out how to balance work and life
  • Divorcee who’s ready to start dating again
  • Early career and life transitions (when we need to learn how to get out of our own way)

When you want to make changes and need help getting in the right mindset:

  • The person who wants to learn how to communicate more effectively
  • The person who wants to start marketing their practice more aggressively but is scared of rejection
  • The person who wants to do anything but is scared of failing

How does coaching work?

Coaching generates change by creating awareness and then offering a different way of being and doing. A coach asks thought-provoking questions, helps you define your goals, and guides you on how to best achieve them. Read more

Is coaching right for me?

Coaching might be right for you if…

  • You are motivated
  • You are ready to change
  • You want feedback, tools, and accountability

What can I expect?

In our first coaching session, we’ll discuss your goals for coaching. We may have broad goals for the coaching engagement like how to improve sales numbers and smaller individual session goals to work on small shifts in thinking or behaving, such as paying attention to your mindset, how you’re physically presenting yourself, what your body language says, etc. We’ll assess as we go along, ensuring you’re moving toward your achievements. Read more

How much does coaching cost?

To help minimize the unknown, I’ve created Coaching Packages. These aren’t to restrict us, however, and are fully adjustable based on your goals.

Get Your Feet Wet Package
3-sessions for $350
While not much can true change can be accomplished in 3 sessions, this package is for people who want to see what coaching is all about. This is a great introduction to me, coaching, and your own willingness.

Let’s Get Moving Package
5-session package – $600
You’re ready! This package will introduce you to my coaching and help get you moving in the right direction

Now We’re Getting Somewhere Package
10-session package – $1,000
You’re ready, willing, and determined. Most people find the greatest value in 5–10 coaching sessions.

Learn more about what each Live with Impact Package includes. Read more

The first step is easy. Contact me today.

The Difference Between Coaching & Therapy

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