Just Do Nothing:
A Paradoxical Guide to Getting Out of Your Way

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Is there a space between where you are and where you want to be?

Do you resist overwhelming situations, wanting to avoid discomfort (while telling yourself you just need more motivation)? Do you feel intoxicated with inspiration one minute, only to find yourself binge-watching Real Housewives not long thereafter, having slayed nothing other than the snack cabinet?

You want to do things differently, but something keeps getting in the way. Maybe you spend too much time in your head. Maybe you panic when things start to feel “too much.”

The solution? JUST DO NOTHING.

Through this humorous and insightful guide, you will discover data-driven, science-backed tools that

  • Empower you to understand and take control of your emotions
  • Break through the barriers holding you back
  • Show you how to create a scale of distress, so you can systematically increase your ability to tolerate discomfort
  • Help you learn to let feelings be instead of letting them go

As counterintuitive as it may sound, when you learn how to just do nothing with the chaotic thoughts and feelings swimming in your head, your life will change for the better. And, before you know it, you’ll be comfortably engaging in experiences that once had you running for that snack cabinet.

Meet Joanna Hardis, LISW-S

Joanna Hardis, LISW-S, is a cognitive behavioral therapist based in Cleveland, OH. Committed to using evidence-based treatments, Joanna helps people unstuck.

Her career has always focused on guiding people in high levels of distress. From HIV/AIDS to eating disorders, from her anxiety/OCD private practice to virtual workshops on distress, Joanna shows people how to respond to being uncomfortable in ways that move them forward.

She received her B.S. at Cornell University and her M.S.S.A. at Case Western Reserve University. She earned her certification from the Cleveland Center for Cognitive Therapy in 2000, SPACE (Supportive Counseling for Anxious Childhood Emotions) Certification in 2016, and she’s one of a handful of clinicians with the highest training in Exposure and Response Prevention for OCD in Northeast Ohio.

The Reviews Are Flowing In!


A game plan to stop being your own worst enemy. In encouraging but forceful prose, Hardis invites the reader to analyze their own reactions and behaviors... A cleareyed call to reshape emotional responses to stress and disappointment.

Kirkus Reviews


As someone who loves a good self-help book but who has found them to be quite repetitive nowadays, I found Just Do Nothing to be an excellent book to put me in a good headspace. Just Do Nothing is a book that can help anyone in any stage of life. The chapters are short but packed with valuable information that will make readers think about the choices they make and help them analyze their own behavior, habits, and feelings.

Kristi ElizabethLos Angeles Book Review

Her amazing book takes scientifically proven cognitive-behavioral therapy strategies and blends them with her own wit, humor, illustrative case examples, and useful experiential exercises (and even a few f-bombs). You will definitely enjoy her entertaining and creative writing—but more importantly, you will benefit from Joanna's knowledge and expertise.

Jon Abramowitz, PhDProfessor Psychology at UNC, Chapel Hill

Practical. Friendly. Funny. As usual, Joanna knocks it out of the park with sound advice that you can actually use!

Drew LinsalataThe Anxious Truth

I get annoyed reading books that I wish I had written, so I am really annoyed writing this blurb, because this is the book I would have written had I followed the advice in the book. This book will now be assigned to all of my new patients as they embark on their therapy journey, and it will provide them the intellectual basis they need along with the exercises required to make the desired changes in their lives. I will just tell them that I was the muse for the book and work on accepting that lie until I believe it. A MUST READ for anyone getting started on working themselves through their stress and anxiety.


"[An] inviting, clarifying book, a guide that’s frank about how books on these topics often promise more than they deliver....inspiring, original guide to facing hurt, gaining confidence, and letting yourself feel."

A Booklist Editorial Pick

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